4Ports RS232 with 5V DC output Low Profile PCI Host Adapter (16C950 UART)


IO-114 Instead!



1. PCI


o        Compliant with PCI Specification, revision 3.0 and PCI Power Management Specification 1.1

o        32 bit/33MHz fully compliant PCI host interface

o        3.3V / 5V Operation

o        Low Profile PCI Form Factor

o        Includes an additional Low Profile PCI bracket


2. RS232 (UART) Serial Port


o        Four DB9M RS232 16C950 High performance UART channels

o        128-byte deep FIFO per transmitter and receiver

o        Superset and backward compatible to 16C550, 16C650, 16C750 and 16C850

o        5VDC Power output on each DB9M Port for POS device use

o        Individual Jumper to select RI / 5V (from PCI Bus) in each DB9M Port

o        Includes one Quad-RS232 DB9M fan-out cable

o        Supports data transfer rate up to 230 Kbps

o        128 Rx interrupt thresholds

o        128 Tx interrupt thresholds

o        128 flow control thresholds

o        Supports 64bit / 32bit Windows

o        Chipset: Oxford

o        Fully RoHS compliant